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  1. S

    Forgot to add whirl floc

    We made a stupid mistake on our last brew: forgot to add whirl floc near the end of the boil. The plan is for two dry hops: one in the fermenter; the other when we transfer the beer to kegs. But to make matters worse, the yeast is "medium to low" flocculation. Other forum members say that the...
  2. beervoid

    Kettle finings and the effect on mouthfeel. A little vs a lot.

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has ever noticed any substantial difference in mouthfeel when brewing a high adjunct (oat, wheat) beer when using whirlfloc or irish moss in the kettle. I was also wondering if using very little whirlfloc would drop out less proteins. Cheers
  3. Deckers_Beers

    Bottle conditioning - carbed but has green apple off-flavor?

    I have a fully-carbed pale that I bottled about 1.5 months ago, & the green apple taste is pretty strong, to the point that it's almost cider-y on the end. It fermented for a full 3 weeks, had a stable FG of ~1.010 for a week, & my sample at bottling time tasted amazing, so the green apple isn't...