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  1. so_called_andrew

    Imperial Hefeweizen (lacto+coconut+kaffir leafes)

    INGREDIENTS(~2.6 gallon batch) -Viking Malt pilsner malt (6.22lb) -Viking Malt wheat malt (8.91lb) -Viking Malt Karmel 50 (0.882lb) -Flaked Oats (1.79lb) YEAST -WB-06 (culture that I keep for about 6 months; used in approx. 4-5 batches)(starter ~100ml) MISC -lactose (17.63oz) -coconut...
  2. Ouroboros

    Ester/Phenol Balance in Weizen

    I'm a huge fan of a hefeweizen or a dunkelweizen in a hot summer day, but with some commercial brews I feel like the ester taste/aroma seems to dominate the spicy phenolic component by the end of the glass. The level of banana in Franziskaner or Paulaner are plenty for my tastes. I hear some...