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  1. B

    French Toast Bastard Clone Recipe Recommendations

    Hello, I'm hoping to try a clone of Founders' French Toast Bastard. My general idea is to brew the Backwoods Bastard recipe from here (scaled from a 6.5 gallon batch stated to 5 gallon using Brewfather), and keg it onto 8 oz of maple syrup, two vanilla beans, and two sticks of cinnamon. I'm...
  2. Architect-Dave

    Wee Heavy with S-04

    I have read a much older post regarding a Scottish Wee Heavy using S-04. I am brewing an extract kit, and this was the available yeast for it. I am getting mixed signals about this particular strain. The Wee Heavy is a time investment of almost 3 to 4 months (with the ability to be aged). So, I...
  3. K

    Recipe review request

    Hi All, Can you please tell me what you think of the suggested recipe below? Brewmaker Scottish-Heavy (https://www.balliihoo.co.uk/brewmaker-scottish-heavy-p-451.html?awid=gs&gclid=COy7lv6SrtMCFQiNGwodOc8EsQ) Crystal malt for the body...
  4. T

    A Scottish Wee Heavy higher OG than anticipated result

    Last December I brewed a very simple recipe for a Wee Heavy, and according to Beersmith the est OG should have been 1.10. During the brew session I boiled down in a separate kettle 2 gallons of wort to enhance the caramel character/flavor (I know I could have just added some Crystal malt, but...
  5. J

    Gravity went from 1.105 to 1.066 and stopped

    Hi! I brewed a Wee Heavy 10 days ago (on December 16), and the airlock bubbled only for a day. Still, I left the beer sitting in the fermenter for 9 days, and I took readings yesterday, and today. The gravity is not moving anymore, and it is at 1,066. The OG adjusted for 20 C was 1,105. The...
  6. RumRiverBrewer

    Low SG - What should I do - NB Wee Heavy

    I followed the directions to the "T" for this big brew, and just racked to secondary after 2 weeks in primary. I used Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale - the fermentation started gradual and was normal over 2 weeks, at about 66 deg F. The OG was 1.075. Checking the SG when racking it was 1.034. Does...