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  1. kevafuu

    Homebrewing Love Story (and vote for us)

    Hi All, I want to share how homebrewing brought my fiancee and I together and hear your stories of love gained or lost from homebrewing. There is an ulterior motive here: My fiancee and I are very close to the finals of Sierra Nevada's Oktoberfest Royal Wedding celebration, and we would love...
  2. Dynachrome

    Wedding Mai Bock - (as ale)

    Recipe specs Batch size (G): 11.4 Total Grain (lb): 32.460 Total HOPS (oz): 4.75 original Gravity (OG): 1.073 Final Gravity (FG): 1.018 Alcohol by volume(ABV): 7.17% color (SRM): 26.4 Bitterness (IBU): 49.8 Brewhouse Efficiency(%): 70 Boil Time (Minutes): 60 Grain bill 24.40 lb Maris otter...
  3. McLovin82

    Where to Buy Mead in TX/Online

    I have been homebrewing for about a year now, so when the most beautiful women in the world agreed to marry me, I knew that I would be brewing something special for the wedding. Based on our religious views, we decided to have a handfasting ceremony (an old pagan tradition) instead of a church...