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  1. I

    A Gift of Moonshine

    I got a small bottle of watermelon moonshine from a bud's friend. Assuming most of the sugars are from standard sugar. It smells vaguely fruity mixed with burning. And tastes like burning as well. Lol I thought I would turn it into more of a fruit liqueur but would like to actually write down...
  2. R


    YELLOW WATERMELONS from my local produce stand! They're supposed to be sweeter and taste more like honey. Testing alcohol potential of the juice. Highly considering making a mead with them. UPDATE: 1.030 SG from the juice itself and no additional sugars. Most likely going to do at least a 1gal...
  3. michio

    Mead taste good, smells awful. suggestions?

    Hey Y'all My watermelon mead wasn't (link) a complete disaster. The taste came out tasting, like watermelons of course but the smell is awful. It smells like bad watermelon or a dirty shoe and smell is sort of apart of taste. No bacteria growth as far as i can tell. Good clarity and Fermented...
  4. michio

    Watermelon Mead

    I made a 3 gallon watermelon mead a few weeks ago from fresh watermelon juice. cut out the inner watermelon and blended it. Strained it with a mesh strainer 3 times each in a bowl to get out the watermelon bits. The taped stopper was because the damn thing got pushed into far after I left so...
  5. K

    Watermelon Tajin

    A couple years back I brewed a fairly basic wheat beer with a watermelon flavoring. It was a pretty big hit, but I'm not a fan of the wheat homebrews. I'm considering brewing up a similar beer, but using barley instead of wheat and pitching with an American Ale yeast. Most likely a SMaSH with a...
  6. Brewfawx

    Watermelon Wine Attempt

    I am making my first attempt at watermelon wine on Monday. I have a decent amount of beer experience, but I've never done a wine. id love some feedback on my recipe. One gallon batch: take a large watermelon and puree the inside, run through a strainer to remove excess pulp. add 1 1/2lbs sugar...