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  1. kh54s10

    pH: How important is adjusting for pH

    I used to live where I apparently had great water. I never got into water or pH adjustments, 1) because my beers were good. 2) because I didn't get around to sending off a sample or buying a meter. I am questioning how soon I will get into really checking water and pH since I don't think the...
  2. M

    First Time Treating Water and Using Bru'n Water (Bohemian Pilsener)

    My father-in-law bought the European Pilsener kit from Midwest Supplies. We plan on using 100% distilled water to create a simple water profile: Ca=30, Mg=0, Na=0, Cl=53, SO4=0 The recipe contains the following: 9 lbs. Domestic Pilsner Malt 8 oz. Carapils 8 oz. Crystal 10L Malt If I keyed...