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  1. JAReeves

    New Water Filter-Vinyl Flavor

    So my latest batch of stout, a recipe I have been using for three years, tastes like band-aid and it does not seem to be going away through lagering. What changed? I have a new cooling system for my stainless fermenter and the brew was kept at 67F for a week-long ferment. I let it rise to...
  2. micraftbeer

    Reverse Osmosis Seems Slow and Wastes Water- Really Needed for City Water?

    I've been brewing for many years using Distilled Water purchased from the grocery store or Target. I'm way past the point of being tired of it and am in the process of converting my basement "homebrew storage area" into my "electric indoor brewing area". I've put in some plumbing for a...
  3. FenoMeno

    How to fill HLT

    No more dirty water hoses...Just bought a water filter (dupont) and looking for some slick ideas on how to tranfer that clean H20 to the HLT. Hard plum? silicone to drain tube barb? What you guys got? :D