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  1. C

    Artesian well suitability

    Hi all, I live in Salt Lake City very close to an artesian well where anyone can go to fill water jugs, and am trying to figure out whether it might be reasonable to try this water for brewing. Luckily, the city tests this water frequently and publishes the water chemistry in some detail. The...
  2. A

    Philadelphia Water Profile

    I'm new to the PHL area and am trying to get a handle on the water profile in the area. Being in center city, I know it's a mix of the Baxter / Queen Lane plants. The report linked below seems to be the best thing I can find. However, it only gives pretty high ranges (ex. for Cl, Baxer...
  3. K

    Need help with water chemistry tap water

    just joined so forgive me if I’m posting on the wrong thread. I’ll figure out how it works. my tap water comes out at 28 ppm. That’s all I know, I adjust to 6.5 (try to) I use campden tablets and lemon juice for ph. my beer is inconsistent at times and it’s the only problem I can think of
  4. K

    Water issues

    Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Recently Ive been trying to narrow down all the issues with my brews and one of the biggest ones that I recently realized is water. I come from Lithuania and we have REALLY hard water. My tap water is very heavy with hco3 being in the 300mg/l . The...
  5. Evan Kingsbury

    Advise needed! NEIPA water profile from distilled water; the easier the better

    Hi all- I haven't had much luck finding the answers I need on the forum or online. I'm planning to brew an all grain batch of NEIPA tomorrow (7/17/22). This will require me to dabble in water chemistry for the first time. After hours of online research and tinkering with water calculators--...
  6. F

    FREE Presentation with John Palmer Tomorrow-All About Water Chemistry

    Sign up for our Free Homebrew Club Program in order to check out our monthly presentations! John Palmer joins us tomorrow 4/21! You'll also get: -Exclusive Discounts -Free swag -New product testing -Competition Sponsorships Tomorrow John Palmer discusses the application of water adjustment...
  7. Aref

    Help with too much calcium chloride in a Samsh beer!

    Hi, I made my first smash beer last week with: 5 kg of vienna malt 20 gr of Perle hops 25L RO filtered water, TDS 10ppm, PH7 k97 yeast After adding the grains the ph dropped to 4.8 I added calcium chloride to bring it up, but nothing changed. Then added more and more (AROUND 15 gr) and didn't...
  8. O

    Incomplete Water Parameters

    Hi Everyone, Its my 1st post on HomeBrewTalk and I want to welcome everyone. I brew beer for about 2.5 years now. I want to go deeper into water chemistry and I'm struggling a bit with getting the numbers right (I think) because what I see is really high. In the report I've got from my water...
  9. LickingGoatBrothersBrewin

    Water adjusment double check.

    I've only brewed twice at my new (new to me) home which has ground well water. The first batch was a beautiful amber Kellerbier recipe I learned to make while living in Germany. It turned out great for the most part, but was a bit more malt forward than I expected, and almost flat tasting...
  10. U

    Water Profiles of Popular Beers

    Home brewers take great care when constructing a recipe for aroma, appearance, flavor, and mouthfeel. Almost always, water chemistry is an after-thought mainly because it is confusing. I hope to shed some light on how breweries basically have similar thoughts on addressing water chemistry. There...
  11. T

    The Importance of Brewing Water

    You may have noticed by now, that beer is over 90% water, so saying that brewing water is important is an understatement of galactic proportions. There are many books on the subject, but they are so in-depth usually that most home brewers either lose interest or mental capacity in the attempt...
  12. V

    Understanding Your Brewing Water - And Why

    I got into home brewing in February of 2010 when I brewed a small extract batch that came in a kit someone had given to me as a present. I was so excited because soon I would be brewing my very own beer at home. The only thought I gave to my brewing water was hoping I had enough of it mixed in...
  13. V

    Understanding Your Brewing Water - And Why

    I got into home brewing in February of 2010 when I brewed a small extract batch that came in a kit someone had given to me as a present. I was so excited because soon I would be brewing my very own beer at home. The only thought I gave to my brewing water was hoping I had enough of it mixed in...
  14. J

    Water Chemistry

    I have a question on the Chemistry of this Brew that im doing this weekend. If you look on the finished Water profile (in green), should it match the desired water profile. This is a Austrailian Sparkling Ale. If so, should i try to match them even if I am already getting a good pH? LEt me know...
  15. CascadesBrewer

    What does a filter actually remove?

    I see a lot of different filters out there, and I wonder what they actually remove and how that impacts brewing water. For example, when I brew small batch extract batches I use water filtered through my Brita pitcher (which I think uses an activated charcoal filter), and I see people that...
  16. E

    First Time Using 100% RO water on Bru'n Water

    Hi all - I'm brewing up a 5 gallon light bodied IPA using 100% RO water in both the mash (3.9 gallons) and the sparge (5.1 gallons). I selected the Pale Ale water profile off of Bru'n Water because it says its good for hoppy beers. The exact profile is: Cal: 140 Mg: 18 Na: 25 SO4: 300 Cl: 55...
  17. Horton

    Bastrop Texas Water Profile

    Here are the results I got back from Ward Labs of Bastrop Texas water supply. This is specific to my home but I’m sure any local Bastrop brewers will appreciate it.
  18. G

    High CaCO3 Alkalinity

    Hi all! Just after some advice about water profile and combatting Alkalinity, what the need to is and how to go about it. So... I have recently received a water report back from a lab and have given my CaCO3 results as 235, from looking on brewfather for the majority of styles im interested in...
  19. B

    Water Test Results

    Hi, I had my water tested. I brew on a H.E.R.M.S system. Should I be adding anything to my current water profile? The beer I make seems fine but am I missing something? Any input is appreciated. Thanks. Water Test Results pH 7.4 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est, ppm 154 Electrical...
  20. C

    I used 2oz of 10+% AA hops in the boil and my beer is NOT bitter - Help?

    I have been having the same issue with my home brews from day one - almost Zero perceived hop bitterness. I have tried boiling longer, harder, cooler, shorter, dry hop, whirlpool, you name in and still I sit here with a beer that is good but not great. I am finally of the opinion that my water...