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  1. G

    High CaCO3 Alkalinity

    Hi all! Just after some advice about water profile and combatting Alkalinity, what the need to is and how to go about it. So... I have recently received a water report back from a lab and have given my CaCO3 results as 235, from looking on brewfather for the majority of styles im interested in...
  2. W

    Help with BIAB recipe

    I am going to brew this recipe https://beerandbrewing.com/thresher-coffee-saison-recipe/ (also here https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/680127/thresher-coffee-saison ) but it is quite vague, on sparging especially with the second link not mentioning it at all. can anyone help me...
  3. Tpost704

    Brewing a Zombie Dust clone....water and alkalinity for mash and sparge

    I am planning a 5 gallon Zombie Dust clone partial mash (recipe below) and am a bit confused by the alkalinity of my water. I got my ward labs results back (also below) and have been playing around with it in Bru'n Water. I understand that my alkalinity is high in my source water. I figured...
  4. Homercidal

    How to Order a Water Analysis Report

    New brewers often have a myriad of variables to juggle from building recipes, choosing ingredients and supplies, to methods to try. At first it's common for the beer to suffer a bit as these things are worked out. After a few batches a brewer might wonder if there is more that can be done to...