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    Philadelphia Water Profile

    I'm new to the PHL area and am trying to get a handle on the water profile in the area. Being in center city, I know it's a mix of the Baxter / Queen Lane plants. The report linked below seems to be the best thing I can find. However, it only gives pretty high ranges (ex. for Cl, Baxer...
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    Water issues

    Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Recently Ive been trying to narrow down all the issues with my brews and one of the biggest ones that I recently realized is water. I come from Lithuania and we have REALLY hard water. My tap water is very heavy with hco3 being in the 300mg/l . The...
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    How Important is Water to your Brewing?

    As it pains me to say this, I think I have unintentionally become a water expert. I have been a process engineer for many years and in each process I have supervised, there has been some form of water treatment. However, when I started brewing I did not include water treatment for the first...