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  1. triskelion

    Bubbling for over a month

    Just did a small batch pilsner smash and noticed it bubbling in the demijohns for a very long time. Did a gravity reading and it had definitely finished up but it was still bubbling like crazy, this is over a month in primary. I bottled and primed with dextrose today. I got a mentos and coke...
  2. SkagitNScandi

    Schwarzbier Warmish Ferment ???s

    Hey guys I just brewed my first Schwarzbier. My first lager really... I DO NOT have any temperature control other that opening and closing a floor vent, and a towels I cover my carboys with. The guy at my LHBS (NU HOMEBREW / GENUS Brewing, Check em out on youtube) hooked me up with some 1968...