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  1. Logo06

    Kegging and Camping

    Hi I am planning summer holidays which entails 3 weeks camping in late December (I'm in New Zealand). I currently have a standard 19l corny keg set up, and am planning to take 2 kegs with me. Ill chill and force carbonate prior to going, the issue is I don't have access to power at the camp...
  2. B

    How do I ferment warm when using kveik yeast?

    Hi HBT! I am quite interested in trying out kveik yeast. It seems to be all the rage. I've read that you should ferment them warm (18 C and up to 39 C or so). My question is this: Normally we want to keep the temperature of the fermentation vessel down - for this I have a temperature controlled...
  3. Iowa Brewer

    Bottling For Storage Before Refrigeration

    Hey all, Brewing an imperial IPA to be auctioned off as a case of bottles for a charity event. It's occurred to me that my normal routine of cold-crashing, kegging/bottling, and serving won't work this time around. I'm going to need to have this beer at room temp until the auction, and there's...
  4. A

    Lager and fermentation temperature

    I know lager isn't the brew of choice for most members here but I'm sure the hive mind will know ... I just started a lager cold crashing and as usual I fermented it at 10 - 12°C but here are a couple of links that suggest I wasted the effort of keeping it cool...
  5. helterscelter

    Inkbird ITC-308 dual stage trouble

    I recently got another ITC-308 dual stage controller for my glycol fermentation set up. I have 3 others on the system already and have had no real issues with them at all. This new unit I have, however, may be defective. when I hooked it up and configured it. it appeared to function...
  6. D

    Drinking Finished Product Kombucha Refrigerated cold, room temp, or heated

    Hi, I am looking for information on drinking Kombucha warm vs cold. I have been drinking it room temperature mostly, sometimes refrigerated. Can it maintain all the benefits after microwaving it to drink it like a hot tea? Thanks
  7. OrionPax

    How would you keep your keezer faucets cold?

    I'm in the R&D planning phase of building a collar and converting a freezer for my brews. While researching I noticed on a couple of occasions where the brewers mentioned the faucets were warm enough that they were getting excess amounts of foam. One youtube video even mentioned the use of...