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  1. Alan Reginato

    Kveik vs Be-134 in an American IPA

    Here's the recipe: *Inverted Sugar was priming. Aiming 3 vol co2. Brewd 2 months ago. I splited batch, inoculated one with Voss Kveik and other with be-134. Kveik. Fermented @ 35 C, it smelled like tangerine or orange peel. Nice. But it tasted like a bitter tangerine or orange peel. I...
  2. Alan Reginato

    Planning Mixing Voss Kveik with Be-134

    I'm planing mixing those yeasts in a mild bitter stout. I liked Kveik, but attenuation was low (70%) and I prefer it drier. Last brew I try a side by side fermentation, with Voss and Be-134, and I saved some slurry. Fermented Voss high, 35C. and Be-134 at 28 C. The saison yeast seems to be...
  3. blasterooni

    Carboy heater (DIY? Maybe?)

    I purchased some voss kveik for a future cider brew, and being quite new to brewing, I am looking for the right kind of carboy heater so that I can get the temperature up to 90 degrees or so given this is the recommended temperature for this yeast. I see heaters that wrap around the carboy and...