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  1. Ron C

    Mash Efficiency Correlation to Boil Off

    Hey All, Had a weird occurrence happen last weekend, and I'm curious what might be the cause... We brew all grain with 3 kettles (HLT, Mash, Boil). We had what I believe was a really efficient mash. Everything hit at all the right moments, and things felt good. Then the boil hit, and we...
  2. G

    The Efficient Brewer

    Why is my efficiency so low? Can someone explain my efficiency? I thought I understood efficiency. These statements are just some examples of the many threads relating to efficiency that I have seen on HomeBrewTalk. It would seem the forum is replete with individuals scratching their noodles in...
  3. frankvw

    Qbrew batch sizes

    Simple and quick question (that Google has so far failed to answer): Is the batch size in Qbrew a pre-boil or post-boil batch size? // FvW
  4. beervoid

    Changing Trub loss in Beersmith results in more water but doesn't lower OG?

    Hello, Why is it that when I raise the trub loss amount in the beersmith water needed tab my sparge water amounts go up but my predicted OG stays the same?