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    Brew Kettles, Kegs, HLT, Tubing, Grain Mill, Plate Chiller, Fermenter, and Mash Tun for sale

    Parting with my brewing supplies (sadly). These are all for local pickup only (Stafford, Virginia). Prices are firm but happy to part these out in any quantity needed. I am selling my entire Brew System (other post) if you need even more stuff. All are in good repair and ready to use. Let me...
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    Brew System for Sale

    Putting my brew rig for sale. Bought it on here about 7 years ago and has been great to brew with. Just taking some time off for a while and need to reclaim the space in my basement. This will be for local pickup only (Stafford, Virginia), I am happy to help load it onto a pickup/rental truck...
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    Homebrewing Equipment for sale

    Selling all of my homebrewing equipment. Everything included for all grain and extract brewing. Tuns, buckets, hoses, wort chiller, custom infuser, etc. Also a keg fridge that holds 1 5 gallon corny keg. Taps, 2 kegs, CO2 tank and beer gas (nitrogen) tanks included. Too much to list! Local...
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    Virginia SS Brewtech 7gal Chronical + Brewjacket Immersion Pro+cooling

    Looking at selling my current fermentation set up. Still fairly new, seen 3 batches on the chronical, 4 on the rod. Just more than I need, honestly. Works great, just going a different direction with vessels and cooling. Would prefer local pick-up, but will ship at buyers expense. Likely not...
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    Sabco For Sale - Virginia

    Now that we will have two pilot breweries, it is time to part with my 2009 Sabco Brew-Magic. Brew magic includes: - Brewing System - Sabco Fermenter - Chill Wizard - Brewing Hose - Associated Parts The system is in storage at Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet, VA. It is possible to arrange a time to...
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    WTB 5 Gallon Kegs and Carboys for Fermenting

    I recently finished my single tier 3 keggle system and looking to start brewing. I left all my original equipment at my parents house so my dad can keep brewing. I am looking to buy several 5 gallon kegs for my kegerator and some carboys to ferment with. I live in Chesapeake VA.