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  1. gatewood

    Vinegar in the dark

    I put my vinegar fermenting vessels inside black, opaque bags because I've read that, mother of vinegar must be placed away from light sources, for it to effectively ferment alcohol into acetic acid. So I have 2 questions because I never knew why: 1. Why is that? 2. What happens to acetobacter...
  2. gatewood

    The Boerhaave procees (for making quick vinegar)

    Here I share an article I recently stumbled across, it describes a supposedly old method (from the 1700-1800) to quickly produce a lot of vinegar (in a month or less): https://supremevinegar.com/2018/02/26/quickly-make-vinegar-semi-quick-process-making-vinegar-boerhaave-process/ Did anyone...
  3. gatewood

    Vinegar with just sugar

    Can mother of vinegar ferment sugar directly to acetic acid? If not, is it practical to mix yeast and mother to create a continuous process where sugar is turned into ethanol and then into acetic acid?
  4. gatewood

    Separating acetic acid (vinegar) from water

    There are processes described on the web on how to do this, but I wanted to know from your experience. Has anyone tried this and been successful?
  5. gatewood

    Making vinegar with pharmacy alcohol

    Pretty self explanatory, is that possible? P.D: i dont intend on drinking it or using it on food.
  6. C

    High Strength Vinegar for Weed Killer

    I've got some acreage with a weed issue. I'd like to ferment this myself in some 5 gal. buckets. I'm guessing some high gravity sugar water will work with starter made from some apple cider vinegar (the kind that says "with the mother"). Any tips?