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  1. weaf27

    Feedback on my new Home Brewing YouTube Channel

    I started brewing Dec 2014 and use to post but prefer to just read a LOT and learn. I love brewing and it helps me a great deal with stress (health related) as I am very passionate about brewing and learning new things related the brewing process. I am simply looking for feedback from fellow...
  2. 89Hen

    Online Video Courses

    Anyone subscribe to Craft Beer and Brewing? Watched a couple of the intros and they seem well done, but have no idea if they are any good. $100 a year subscription... may be a good birthday present request.
  3. Scientific hippie

    How do you smash a Wyeast smash pack?

    For the second time, I have bumbled a Wyeast smash pack. The first time, I didn't read the directions (duh). The second time, I gave it two good smacks, but found on opening it the inside packet had not opened. The next time someone smashes one, could you video it and put it on Youtube or...