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  1. M

    Which Substitute for Victory Malt - Vote

    I'm brewing an ESB tomorrow and was hoping to use victory malt, but I can't get any. I can't get biscuit malt either. What I can get are amber, special roast, melanoidin, aromatic, caravienne, and crystal 30. Which of these would you use in a pinch? Thanks!!!
  2. T

    Pale ale with just victory malt, no crystal?

    Random question but: Is there a commercial PA that's just pale malt with about 5% victory, single hopped with hallertauer and low-ish gravity? If not, how does that sound for a recipe? I wrote that down a while ago and can't remember if I was halfway through designing a beer or it was an...
  3. Volcom-Brewer

    An appropriate yeast?

    Hello all, I'm going to start an Oktoberfest VERY soon, but I've never done a Lager before. The way the local brewshop clerk told me to use I don't think this yeast is what I want to use. He then told me to let it ferment at room...