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  1. Gregory T

    just received old yeast

    I just received 2 packs of WLP500 from MoreBeer. both were manufactured 12/19/18 I am brewing a Tripel O.G. 1078, 5.5 gallons. I prefer a 1.25 pitch rate as I'm doing a series of Tripels and pitch rate is a part of that. The calculators on viability go from 31% to .4% Ironically MoreBeer's...
  2. beervoid

    Calculating yeast starter viability.

    Hi everyone. I'm overbuilding my starters in order to keep some for a next brew. Now I could find multiple calculators online to calculate the viability of dated commercial packaged yeasts but none that give you the viability of a starter. I usually use my starter within a few days but what...