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    3-piece ball valve alternatives

    I like the 3-piece design as you can fully take them apart and clean components, which is obviously crucial. However, I'm not a fan of the 4 bolts it takes to disassemble. Does anyone use an alternative ball valve that still allows for complete disassembly? I'm not a fan of butterfly valves due...
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    Equipment for sale pick up only

    DB86A623-D4AA-46EA-921A-EE23617C3657 by hops4me posted May 20, 2018 at 7:42 PM,homebrew equipment for sale pick up only make offer some or all Colma ca 94014 All for $300 books for $20
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    HERMS Project.

    Will accept a fair offer only. Kegs are in great condition, 2 high polished as you can see. All keges have the required openings. includes 9 (3-Piece)valves and the non welding kit (all stainless steel) , also the kit to polish the 3rd keg. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. $650 Thanx for...
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    My Experience with Motorized Ball Valves

    Motorized Ball Valves A common perception about motorized ball valves is that they are prohibitively expensive. The costs associated with the valves themselves, plus the requisite programmable logic controllers and automation system, are enough to drive the small home brewer away. However...