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  1. R

    Keg is missing a valve

    Hi there, A plastic keg I'm using is missing a valve. I wonder if the only function this valve has is to close of the hole at the top of the keg. If so can I close this hole of with something else? (Like super glue). It sounds odd, but at the moment the keg isnt working so im willing to try...
  2. YMS_1975

    In desperate need of help choosing a ball valve & thermometer combo.

    Hey guys, My kettle is a simple stainless steel, Concord 30 quart (7.5 gallons) kettle. It has no openings whatsoever. Please see here I am looking to modify my kettle so that I can install a stainless steel ball valve & thermometer combo kit like this one. Can someone tell this a...
  3. cushdan

    For Sale 15 gallon stainless steel kettle w/valve + thermometer (central CT)

    $200 would like to sell locally 15 gallon stainless steel kettle/pot Ball valve blichmann thermometer Thick Polarware pot original owner, very good condition and very solid pot location: west hartford, CT
  4. E

    Airlock / Spunding valve Question

    Hi everyone, my first post here (and i dont know if i am skipping some introduction). I just have a question regarding airlocks / temp control and spunding valves. I just made my first 100+ liters batch of a blond ale. I am using conical fermenters with a cooling cilinder inside to control temp...
  5. Avid Artifex

    Question on F2 in Fermentor

    Hello, I have been homebrewing kombucha for a couple of months now, and I use beer bottles and bottle caps to bottle my kombucha. I used to flavor each bottle and pour the kombucha into the bottles and do my F2 in the bottles (like you normally do), but I wanted to have nothing else but smooth...
  6. S

    SS Brew Buckets, CF Chiller, spunding valves, and misc. hardware

    Hi HBT! I'm located in north Delaware. Images are below the descriptions. Looking for local pickup for the larger items, willing to ship the smaller items, but you pay. I am open to any and all questions about the items below, thank you. I have 2x SS Brew buckets. These are in decent shape...
  7. luis.salas

    Ideas on a bottling bucket

    I’m making my own bottling bucket and I was guessing if it would be better to put a valve in the bottom of the bucket instead of a spigot and a dip tube on the lower part of it. Obviously, I’m trying to minimize losses when bottling. Does anyone has any idea or experience with this? Thanks!
  8. C

    [HELP] Micromatic keg extraction valve

    Hello guys, I got my hands into a Micromatic valve, but it's without the apropriate conection tip for extraction, anyone knows if this black piece works alone or is it missing something? Thanks in advance...
  9. U

    Illinois Various Electric Brewing and Stainless Fittings - $200

    I have a lot of fittings and other pieces of brewing equipment for sale. Electric Brewing parts: - (3) 6 ft cable, New (2 red, 1 orange), comes with a 3-pin disconnect at the probe end and a 3-pin female XLR connector at the control panel end - $35/each - 8ft cable, New (blue), comes with a...
  10. B

    Easy Wide Mouth Bubbler Modification

    Hello all, thought I would post a quick write up and a couple pics of my new favorite fermenter. A mash up of two popular designs. I had been using the better bottles with racking adapter and valve for many batches. If you haven't used the racking adapters/valves before they are great, as...
  11. V

    Spunding Valve

    I bought parts to build a blowtie spunding valve and wanted to use this pressure gauge: Digital Low Pressure Gauge with 1/4'' NPT Bottom Connector and Rubber Protector by Uharbour, 0-60 psi, Accuracy 1%, Resolution 0.1psi
  12. J

    Ohio 10 Gallon MegaPot Kettle & Blichmann Hellfire Burner w/ Leg Extensions

    10 gallon MegaPot w/ bottom outlet valve, thermometer, and tangential inlet for whirlpooling. —— $100 + Shipping/ Paypal fees. Blichmann Hellfire burner w/ 24" stainless leg extensions (Stock short legs are not included.) —— $125 + Shipping/ Paypal fees
  13. T

    District of Columbia False bottom and ball valves

    Just selling some parts I don't need anymore. 15 inch false bottom, with hinge, handle, filter stand, and dip tube (from NorCal Brewing). This will fit in the bottom of a 15.5 gal keg. $60 1/2" ball valve with weldless bulkhead (never used), $10 1/2" Three-piece ball valve with weldless...
  14. Chiefer

    What is this?

    Anyone know what this contraption is?
  15. Sbe2

    How to dump trub out of a conical without making a mess

    Any suggestions? I have a Spike cf5 with a 2-inch butterfly valve and a 90 attached to the bottom. When I open the valve into a 5 gallon bucket, shiatzu sprays everywhere. I have thought about putting on a reducer, say a 2 to 1/2”. Eventually I will get the yeast brink from NorCal, but am...
  16. ltlwood

    Honeywell 8200 Gas Valves

    I have 2 Honeywell VR8200 Gas valves that were only used for one batch of beer. I paid $82 each for them and would let them go for $50 plus shipping from the Denver area. They worked flawlessly, just moved a different direction.
  17. B

    Kettle Help for eBIAB build

    I need some non-electrical help: I am looking for some help on putting together a kettle for my eBIAB build. I had initially planned on using my thin-walled aluminum kettle which already has a ball valve in it, but I have read that aluminum and stainless have some unwanted interactions when...
  18. Beerfest

    Minnesota Keggles for sale. Mash Tun and HLT/Brew Kettle

    (1) Mash Tun Keggle - ball valve, thermometer, false bottom, lid $165 Can also be used as a HLT or boil kettle (1) HLT or Brew Kettle - 2 ball valves, thermometer, lid $145 There is a wort chiller that fits this Keggle $15 ($50 worth of copper). The 2 ball valves were used with a pump to...