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  1. Tidwellc

    Adjusting hop additions for varying AAs

    I've been brewing for a while now, but something struck me that I never gave a whole lot of thought to before. A lot of recipe planners and recipes I use quote a specific AA unit for the hops (in addition to quantities). I've usually just thrown in the quantity called for and figured it was...
  2. Ouroboros

    Boost Bitterness with Hop Tea?

    I've been browsing the forums a lot, and I noticed a few threads dealing with poor hop utilization in wort with a high starting gravity. I'm did a partial wort boil (boil gravity - 1.152) for an IPA and project my IBU's to be about 35. I'm a hop fiend, so I was going to dry hop when I racked...
  3. dirtybear7

    Best Hop Utilization Formula and Why?

    Tinseth, Rager, Hopville, Garetz, Daniels, Mosher, etc.... Which one is best to use or should it be some combination?
  4. dirtybear7

    IBU / Hop utilization software issues??????

    I'm using two different applications for recipe creation, Hopville.com and Beer Tools (only one that works native on Macs). I get to wildly different IBU amounts from each. Which is correct? I'm making Northern Brewers Belgium Strong Golden Ale extract recipe with some changes to hop amounts...