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  1. S

    Best system as upgrade from extract brewing

    I've been brewing off/on for about 7-8 years now and finally moved into a house with more space (hell yeah). I want to start doing all-grain batches and was hoping for some advice on the best (cheapest, and most versatile) all-grain method. I don't want an all-in-one system like Grainfather, but...
  2. B

    What to Upgrade First?

    I got into brewing recently and am enjoying it a lot! I was gifted a pretty basic brewing kit with two plastic buckets for fermenting and bottling. I'm thinking of upgrading part of my system for a Christmas present to myself. What do you recommend upgrading first? Fermenter, Brewing system or...
  3. A

    Equipment Upgrade Recommendations

    Hi - I just recently won $800 and have decided to spend it on upgrading to AG. Currently, I'm doing partial mash, and I have a 3G Igloo for a mash vessel, a 5G Igloo for HLT, and a plain steel pot as a boil kettle. I have two Ss Brewbuckets for fermenting, which I think are great! After doing...
  4. M

    Beginner equipment upgrade

    Hi everyone, Apologies in advance, there are probably posts like this often. I'm new to the forum and new to homebrewing. I've made about five batches of beer now (5 gallons, extract, partial boil on my stovetop) and I'm looking to upgrade. For context, I'm a young guy looking to brew for...
  5. T

    Upgrading to 10 gallon batches - Minimal Equipment (AG)

    Hi all, I've encountered the "time to brew vs free time" problem - sounds like this is common amongst people who share this hobby. A common solution to this problem is to produce more beer per brew day. With that said, I would like to attempt make the volume jump by purchasing minimal...
  6. I

    New equipment overhall suggestions

    Whats up guys, i havnt posted in a long time but heres' my situation. My burner just died on me(hose probably clogged with bugs), my plastic carboys are going in the trash, my chiller coil that i configured myself is old and not nearly as efficient as i need, my igloo mash tun is old and needs a...
  7. SouthPhillyBr3w3r

    DIY double coil chiller

    I am working on a plan for a double coil immersion chiller to replace the janky, poorly made IC I currently have (25' x 3/8" Single). I was going to do two 3/8" x 25' coils, attached using T-fittings that are sweated together, so that there is cold water flowing from the input through each of...