unmalted wheat

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  1. luis.salas

    Unmalted grains: where to buy them?

    Common grains, sold in the supermarket, work well for brewing with unmalted grains/adjuncts? Or those sold in brewery stores have something special? Thanks!
  2. okiedog

    Witbier or just Wheat beer?

    I love the creative latitude that homebrewers and craft brewers have, and the variations of brews they can create. But sometimes I am surprised at how far some can deviate from a classic style and still call it that style of beer. Am I splitting hairs, or just being a traditionalist? For...
  3. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Cloning Troegs Brewing Blizzard of Hops

    This past Saturday I took a try at brewing a clone of Blizzard of Hops from Troegs Brewing in Hershey, Pa. This is my first attempt at cloning a commercial beer. I used the grains and hops listed on their website to build my recipe. I ordered the hops from Yakima Valley Hops. My LHBS was out of...