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    Where to buy SO2 measurement kit in UK

    I'm a UK winemaker and looking to get a piece of kit similar to the Vinmetrica SC-100A to measure free SO2 in our wines. Vinmetrica only ship to the US, so I wonder if anyone can recommend somewhere in the UK that I could purchase a similar piece of equipment (to measure free SO2)?
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    Where to buy malolactic bacteria cultures in the UK

    Can anyone recommend a good source of freeze-dried malolactic bacteria in the UK? It seems cultures are readily available in brew shops in the USA but searching eBay or Amazon in the UK for things like "CH16" or "malolactic bacteria" draws a blank. Am I searching for the wrong thing, or do home...
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    Best White grape concentrate

    Hello everyone. I am new to wine making. Only worked with a few cheap kits so far, but I have noticed that the kits are essentially Concentrate, Yeast, Yeast Nutrient, and Finings. So I was thinking that the next step I should take is to try and create a wine by collecting together my own kit...