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  1. apache_brew

    DIY sankey "Kegmenter"

    My original plan was to build a conical from a sankey keg, however since I got used to fermenting in regular sankeys with a floating dip tube, the lure or the conical dump has faded away. I've also switched over to dry yeast (500g bricks) and brew much less frequently so I have no desire to...
  2. J

    Sold SS Brewtech 14g Unitank with FTSs heating and cooling

    I have a 14 gallon SS Brewtech Unitank with the FTSs heating and cooling package. It’s in great shape, getting rid of some things due to health issues. Got to cut back on brewing and drinking. $1000 firm. I’m in the Northwest Georgia/Chattanooga Tennessee area. Local pick up only. Ps. I also...
  3. emerinohdz

    Unitank pour under pressure

    Hi! This would be my first time using a Unitank (7gal SSBT) and using co2 in general (used to bottle and natural carbonate). I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find a concrete answer for and I'm hoping someone here can help me find an answer: With positive pressure (e.g. 10psi)...
  4. T


    *** SOLD *** SPIKE CF10 CONICAL UNITANK FERMENTER - $500 *** SOLD *** Pro quality tank designed for the homebrewer. Detachable lid for easy install and cleaning. 2” dump port avoids stuck trub dumps and yeast harvesting. Lots of accessories included. I bought all of this new two years ago and...
  5. TBC_Brewster

    SS Brewtech 1BBL Jacketed Unitank Clarity Issues

    So I've upgraded my entire system from 10 gal to 1bbl. I used to cold crash in carboys that would sit in my freezer for a week and come out perfect. With my new tanks, I am unable to do it in roughly/same amount of time. I have even transferred after fermenting (yes I know the irony) just to...
  6. B

    Glycol chiller and unitank

    Hey all, I’m looking to procure a glycol chiller and a unitank (something 1/2 barrel or larger). I see that they pop up on the for sale forum so I figured I’d post my wanted ad and see what turns up. Thanks everyone
  7. P

    Washington Temperature Controlled Unitank $2500

    Model: WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery Glycol jacketed, temperature controlled, pressure rated unitank. Includes bottle filler. Ferment, carbonate, serve, and fill kegs/bottles from one vessel. Made in New Zealand Located north of Seattle
  8. L

    Massachusetts FS: SS Brewtech Brite Tank 10 Gallon, like new - will ship

    I have a 10 gallon SS Brewtech Brite Tank for sale. Only 3 months old and hardly used. It's an awesome vessel that's worked perfectly. Doesn't have any issues, just need a bigger one so I'm selling this. Has a few very small surface scratches (see pics) but you have to look close to see them...
  9. J

    Ss Brewtech 1 bbl unitank

    Ss Brewtech 1 bbl unitank that has been used for 1 batch. Comes with all of the valves, carb stone, gauge, etc. Very very nice. https://www.ssbrewtech.com/collections/all-unitanks/products/1-bbl-nano-series-unitank $1700 Buyer responsible for shipping from Jackson MS
  10. M

    Pennsylvania SSBrewtech 14 Gallon Unitank Conical with FTSS Chiller/Heater

    I am selling my very lightly used Unitank. This is the 14 gallon version and it will include everything that came with it stock from SSbrewtech. I also have the leg extensions and casters with it as well as a FTSs extension cable for the pump. I have brewed about 5 batches in it and it is in...
  11. D

    New Conical Selection, Ferment in Hot Garage - Is Jacketed Necessary?

    I'm looking to get a conical fermentor, but I ferment in my Texas garage with summer temperatures in there up to about 110 F at peak hotness. What is everyone's experience with using the immersion coil type conicals with neoprene jackets in similar conditions? I'm not obsessed with cold crashing...
  12. B

    WTB 14 gallon as brewtech conical

    hey everyone, I’m looking to pick up a ss brewtech brewmaster 14 gallon conical fermenter. Honestly if anyone had the 14 gallon unitank I’m pretty interested in that sucker as well.
  13. Jomini

    New e-BIAC Unitank (Brau Supply)

    Industry News: I was informed by Steven at Brau Supply (Vancouver) that their new product offering; their all-in-one [mash/boil/ferment (15psi)/brite/serve] is now on offer. The brewing gadget has a jacketed design for cooling. Brau Supply link...
  14. bcales

    System Upgrade

    I sold the Harley! Now, I'm planing an upgrade to my system (basic/intro setup). I am anxiously awaiting SS Brewtechs Electric setup, but figured I can work on upgrading post boil I am also looking at using the Glycol Chiller for cooling wort post boil. I know I can't use it directly, but I...
  15. S

    Chilling system for a Unitank

    I am contemplating purchasing a SS Unitank (either the 14 gallon or half bbl). My brewing system is limited most by the fermentation vessels I use right now, as I still use carboys (uggh). Does anyone have experience with the smaller SS unitanks? I am particularly interested in hearing about...