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  1. A

    California Unibrau 120V electric brewing system (SF Bay Area)

    Unibrau all in one 120V electric brew system. This system is in pretty decent shape and comes with a few extras. On top of the original equipment it comes with the additional element that moves the temp probe to a tee. Also includes a spincycle clamp on whirlpool port. Recently I bought a...
  2. S

    High Gravity, Clawhammer, Unibrau, Brew Boss automation - Programmable Steps?

    I'm currently looking into the above eBIAB systems for 5 gallon batches. I don't have 240V access but may spring for it. I'm curious if any of these panels allow programmable mash steps. I'm looking for the most automated solution (I'm coming from a Zymatic which was set it and forget.)...
  3. Fishin-Jay

    Wisconsin Selling it all, and there's a lot! (Part 1)

    After 15 years of brewing, due to health reasons I've got to sell - and I have a lot to sell! I'll keep this page updated. If it's still listed, it's still for sale. Spend at least $100 and you can rifle through my miscellaneous box of valves, books, clamps, hoses, etc. and take as much of it...
  4. kh54s10

    Ordered a Unibrau, anyone with tips for brewing with it?

    I Ordered my Unibrau yesterday. It looks very straight forward to brew with it. But does anyone that uses one have any tips that I might not have thought about? I ordered with with these options: Kettle lid to help get to boiling faster. ETC controller, it seemed simpler and just as good as...
  5. pabrimmer

    Thoughts on DIY 4-in-1 system?

    Hi, all, I've been looking at the Brewha and Unibrau systems which, if you aren't familiar, are basically BIAB systems where you mash, sparge, boil, and then ferment all in the same vessel. These systems start at around $3000, and I'm not interested in the jacketed fermenter - I'm a little...
  6. tch330

    v2 Unibrau 110v

    Turn-key system with 2nd element. Basket needs repaired. Includes new, in box, Mark II pump with stainless steel head. $450 Firm Includes: 10 gallon Unibrau kettle with TC fittings 110v Unibra Controller additional 110v plug-in for element (runs at full throttle) 2 heating elements Stainless...
  7. J

    Small Batch Brew RIgs

    Looking to see if anyone has a used Unibrau Mini or Braumeister 10L that they are looking to sell.