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  1. F

    For Sale Maryland - All Electric HERMS 15g

    15 Gallon All Electric HERMS system. Hate to say it but it’s time to offload some of my equipment. I have an 15 gallon all electric brew system from High Gravity with a few upgrades. This system is a champ, on a 220/50A circuit you can boil in both kettles at the same time. BLUF: Local Pickup...
  2. TwoBeagles

    Connecticut Sabco Brew Magic V350MS $3,500 (Stamford, CT)

    Gently Used Brew Magic brewing system from Sabco. Always brewed in an insulated garage, and won many homebrewing medals, including the coveted gold medal from the AHA’s National Homebrewers Competition. NG (natural gas) ready but can by converted to Propane (will included the parts). A few...
  3. S

    1bbl electric Spike Brewing NANO

    Selling off our never used Spike 1bbl nano. This system includes a 4 element Electric Brewing Supply BCS control panel set up to allow the run of two 5500 watt elements at once. This is selectable one each kettle or two in a single kettle. I am including everything in this deal; kettles...
  4. PeteSeattle

    50a PID Control Panel, 2 elements.

    Hi folks. I was hoping this would be an easy installation but apparently not from my electrician. I have no clue about anything electrical. That’s why I purchased a complete system with prebuilt box from @SpikeBrewing (really ebrewsupply). This control box ...
  5. Braminator

    Blichmann pro series

    Looking to get an electric system. Anyone have experience with he new Blichmann pro series? What are you thoughts? http://www.blichmannengineeringproseries.com/category-s/102.htm