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  1. tmoney007

    Florida Orlando - Blichmann Top Tier Stand HERMS with 3 burners and 2 SS Chugger pumps

    I'm located in Baldwin Park/Orlando FL and looking to sell my rig which has produced a few award winning beers. Blichmann Top tier stand *see pictures 2 - SS Head Chugger pumps with a waterproof switch box on the stand 1- HLT Burner elevated in the back 2 - lower burners for Mash and Boil...
  2. Chuchu&brew2112

    Looking for advice on a new system

    I am going to invest in a HERMS electric brewing system. I have searched around some and think I have decided to drop the coin and buy the Spike Brewing turn key 10gal. system. It seems to be very well constructed with great fittings, lines, good pumps and controlling unit. Admittedly I don't...