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  1. S

    Texas For Sale: 15 Gallon 3 Vessel Pilot System

    Brewha 15 gallon HLT, Tun, and Kettle. This is a well tuned setup. HERMS Coil for HLT High or low screen for Tun allows for direct fire (via element) in Tun Kettle is double wall w/ fluid channel to allow for no contact chill during whirlpool March Pumps All Cam Lock $2250 for kettles and...
  2. M

    SF Bay Area, East selling 21 gallon brew kettle, Mash tun, Carboys

    I'm selling some little used brewing gear. Not interested in shipping, must pick up in the Danville area: Picobrew Pico, used once, includes a kit $200 21 gallon Stainless brew kettle with two valves $50 10 gallon mash tun with stainless bottom screen and a stainless valve $50 1 six gallon...
  3. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Mash Tun choices

    Hi All, I was contemplating making or buying a mash tun. I have watched various videos and done a little research in regards to making a mash tun. However, it seems like it is simple to do, however the bottom filter that you get doesn't look as though it'd be as effective or easy to clean as...
  4. K

    Wheat Mashing in a Jug Cooler...Resting easy? Y/N?

    My friend and I have made maybe 8 or 10 AG batches at 2.5 gallons using the Beerformulator tool. They have all worked well and seem to taste just fine. Except one... the first recipe I tried was a wheat beer and I came out cloudy, which is OK for wheat, but this type of Cloudy was detrimental...
  5. N

    What Scale do all-grain brewers recommend?

    I am getting together all the equiptment needed to brew my first all-grain brew. I have been looking on Amazon and ebay for a digital scale but don't want to buy the wrong one. Since I will be weighing mostly grains, do I need a scale with some type of container or bowl on the scale to hold the...