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  1. laurakeating

    What's wrong with my cider?

    This is my first batch ever. I used a storebought, pasteurized, 100 percent juice with a wild yeast starter I made from storebought apple juice and organic berries. A few days into fermentation I noticed stuff growing on top that smelled like yeast. What is it? My cider doesn't smell bad, it...
  2. M

    Reasons Your Fermentation Didn't Start

    I think it is way more frustrating to not know what ruined your batch of beer, than actually losing the beer itself. It always makes your next batch feels like a gamble. Am I going to waste $40 and 8 hours of work again? How do I avoid making the same mistake when I don’t know what went wrong in...
  3. A

    Stout faucet not working

    Hey all! I just installed my brand new stout faucet from my local homebrew supply store. I mainly bought this so I could dispense cold brew nitro coffee. this is my first time working with a stout faucet ever so maybe you guys can help me with this. I installed the lines, attached the gas to...
  4. Ø

    Water suckback

    I'm very new to brewing, and I'm making mangrove jack's blueberry cider, and when I started bottling, I had forgotten to take of the airlock/open the lid, so the water from the airlock got sucked in the fermenter, (i have a tap in the bottom of my fermening bucket) so I'm wondering if anyone...
  5. beervoid

    Help, DIY Float tube has no beer coming out.

    So I've been using my DIY float tubes since months without problems. I've got 2 kegs that I use as fermenters with DIY floating diptubes on them so I can dry hop loose. I dry hopped 4 days ago and started cold crashing today at 0c. Both kegs are connected simultaneously to gas at about 10psi...
  6. B

    Enoitalia Euro 30 Pump

    Hey all, Fairly inexperienced and I could not find an answer anywhere... Would anyone know some trouble shooting options for a Euro 30 pump's variable speed option malfunctioning? Could it be the impeller?
  7. shawndsm

    Keeler not cooling after power outage

    My beloved keezer (converted freezer to cooler via JCI PENN thermostat) is not cooling after a recent power outage. One can hear the compressor grinding away, but not cooling. Ideas on what to try to resolve would be much appreciated. Warm beer is no fun! Many thanks!
  8. W

    Trouble Shooting

    So I just did my first batch of hard cider. And I just got done with secondary fermentation and something went wrong. The only thing I used was yeast nutrient and the cider. So after the first two weeks of fermentation I tasted it and it was decent. It was definitely fermented and it tasted...
  9. M

    Fridge Wiring Rubber Stopper - PITA

    I'm converting a smaller, but full-size fridge to a fermentation chamber and hit my first major obstacle that I haven't found on any formus. Beside the compressor, there is what looks like a black rubber stopper that all the wiring goes into on its way to the thermostat (pictures below). I want...
  10. J

    A few minor problems.

    hey everyone! so my friend and I have been brewing for almost about a year now, and this is our 5th batch we just did, 2nd all grain batch. We did an IPA and I THOUGHT it was going to turn out well. We brewed saturday afternoon and put it in the primary saturday night. sunday night it was...
  11. H

    Problem with carbonation

    I am very new to home-brewing, and in fact, just opened the first bottle of my second batch from a Mr. Beer kit. The first batch I did came out pretty good! A slight yeasty-taste, but other than that, it was tasty, well-carbonated, and looked great. This bottle I just had from the second...