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  1. _Keven

    Question about a high gravity reading after 5 weeks

    Hello, I recently have been brewing a triple: Brewing day was around 5 weeks ago. I used the wyeast 3787 with an OG of 1.072. Today I moved it to a secondary and took a FG reading of just 1.020 which is a bit high. Now after its...
  2. M

    What you think about this Brew ?

    i'm brewing a belgium style beer called "Tripel Terror" i followed all the kit instruction and i ended up with 1.064 OG . according to the kit fermentation should be finish @ 1.008...
  3. the_queen_bee

    Organic, Fair Trade Honey for Brewing at +50% OFF!

    We just took delivery of the most delicious brewing honey on the planet... and it's in the wrong package! We can't sell it in stores, so we are passing this deal on to Home Brewers... because we're home brewers too! This is organic, fair trade honey at a remarkable discount – less than half...
  4. TNJake

    Saison on leftover yeast from Belgian Tripel?

    So brewed a Belgian Tripel 2 weeks ago with a double smack pack of 3787. Temps were between 74 and 82 the whole time. OG was 1.065. This tripel reached 1.004 a couple of days ago and I thought, "hey, can I reuse this for a variation of my high grav saison? (8.5%) As I understand it, overpitching...
  5. Gregory T

    just received old yeast

    I just received 2 packs of WLP500 from MoreBeer. both were manufactured 12/19/18 I am brewing a Tripel O.G. 1078, 5.5 gallons. I prefer a 1.25 pitch rate as I'm doing a series of Tripels and pitch rate is a part of that. The calculators on viability go from 31% to .4% Ironically MoreBeer's...
  6. beerdrankshawty

    Worst Craft Beer Of ALL-TIME!

  7. TNJake

    Kegging a Tripel: Naturally Carbonate?

    I have a tripel that is ready to be kegged/bottled, OG- 1.076, FG- 1.014. I was hoping to dry this out a bit more but it stuck here. I am thinking that I will need re-pitch a bit in order to naturally condition and I have some T58 that I could easily add to this. I am also thinking that I might...
  8. S

    Belgian Strong Ale Fermentation

    I'm building out my ideal Belgian Tripel fermentation schedule using Strong Belgian Ale yeast: Wyeast 1388. Asking for your input, so we can all improve. For example, a tripel I am currently fermenting which began at OG 1.084. We added lots of clear candi syrup. It has spent 10 days in...
  9. Gnomebrewer

    Belgian Golden Strong Ale The Mighty Gnome

    I love a good yeast driven beer. How satisfying is it to brew something that ends up with flavours that you didn't even add, thanks to the work of our microscopic friends? That was my challenge with brewing a strong, pale Belgian beer - brew a big, pale Belgian beer without using spices, that...
  10. Lele

    Belgian tripel sugar quesiton

    Hello and greetings from Italy :) And sorry for my English :( Until recently we were told that table sugar gives cider flavor to the beer. But then in “Brew like a monk” there’s written that it isn’t true. But in some experiment, somebody noticed that, specially with some yeast (such us...
  11. Evan La Marr

    Tripel with Saison Yeast and Temps

    Hey everyone, My wife’s favorite beers are Tripels, and I’d like to brew one. However, I don’t have temp control yet, and all the yeasts I see for Tripel recipes require that. Is it possible to brew a Tripel or Tripel-like beer with Saison yeast at the stereotypical warm temps Saisons are...
  12. M

    Chimay Tripel Clone - first fermentation

    How do I know when to transfer my Chimay Tripel clone into the carboy for second fermentation? It's been 4 days & it's extremely active at 80 degrees F. Also, what's good recomended temps & time periods for second ferment & bottling?
  13. bknifefight

    Stalled WYeast 3787. Suggestions?

    A few weeks ago I brewed up a Tripel with WYeast 3787. Here is my recipe: 9 lbs Extra Light DME 2 lbs Cane Sugar (I added it at the end of boil - no incremental feedings) 4 oz Saaz throughout Very simple recipe. I did a 1.75-2 liter starter on a stir plate as suggested by Mr Malty and...