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  1. adroc

    Illinois 14 gal Blichmann Fermenator With Tri Clamp Fittings, Leg Extensions and Custom SS Chiller Coil

    Im selling my 14G Blichmann Fermenator with tri clamp fittings, leg extensions and custom SS chiller coil. It is still in like new condition. This setup new would run you around $900 asking $600 and local pickup only. Thanks
  2. Crashlaz

    1 1/2" tri-clamp fittings!

    im looking for some tri-clamp style fittings. looking for a temp gauge preferably adjustable, ball valve, and just any one with this style let me know what you got and i might be interested. also any 1/2" npt quick connect fittings. putting together new brew system, just bought 30 gallon kettles...
  3. U

    Illinois Cleaning and other Brewing Parts - $125

    Purging equipment from recent upgrades -pictures of each item below: CIP Spray Ball - ss brewtech - 3" triclamp with 1/2" NPT $30 2 Butterfly valves - brewers hardware 1.5" triclamp - $45/each or both for $80 PENDING - Ball valve - ss brewtech 3 piece with 1.5" triclamp and 3/4" NPT $35...
  4. B

    Save Kettle with Bad Solder Joint

    Anyone know if there is a way to save a kettle with a joint that has burnt flux residue embedded in it? I tried a neat little coil of solder around my triclamp fitting, and evenly brought the surface of the kettle up, and then applied heat to the fitting itself, but the solder took a long time...
  5. M

    Colorado Tri-Clover Accessories

    All items UNUSED, new from Stout Tanks, shipping included. Items sold without clamps or gaskets. Please use details of items at https://conical-fermenter.com/Accessories/ Rotating CIP Spray Ball, 3"TC $50 SP1.5ISG (1200) 1.5-inch Inline Sight Glass...
  6. B

    Best Kettle Port Configuration

    I'm in the process of building my kettle for a small indoor electric BIAB setup - I wanted some input on the best kettle configuration before I buy parts. I have a 10gal kettle - I know that is way too small for some people, but I have actually been trying to go smaller and brew 3 gallon batches...
  7. mvestel

    tubing and pumps for 60gal batch size

    We are trying to scale up to about a 50 or 60 gal batch. we would like to start pumping our liquides from one container to another. Are there any suggestions about tubing ID size and pump size (HP and what ever specs you might need) recommended for this size of a batch setup? I'm thining...