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  1. M

    MultiHead or Medusa Rhizomes

    Does anyone have any multihead or medusa rhizomes available to trade or sale? I'm in Canada so I can't order from greatlakes. I can trade neo1 or centennial if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  2. Apimyces

    Hop Seed Trade

    Well, it's hop seed harvest month! I know a bunch of us here do hop crosses, so let's see what everyone has to trade? For 2018, I have open pollinated seeds from a few local lupuloides accessions, from a few of my own crosses, and from Nugget, Brewer's Gold, and US Saazer.
  3. tch330

    Ohio Trade 4x Stainless 7 Gal Ported Chapmans for 14 gal BME Chronical

    Looking to trade four 7 gallon stainless steel Chapman Univessels for one 14 gallon Brewtech BME Chronical. I'll throw in some cash to even up the value. These are great for split/test batches. Super easy to clean and have only been used once. These are the ported (3-piece ball valve) version...
  4. tch330

    Ohio Trade my Brew Boss controller with tablet for a Brewtronix UNO

    I have a 30A 220V Brew Boss electric brewery controller. It's in good working condition. It has a tablet and a mount for the tablet. It sells for $500 without the tablet or mount. I'm willing to give this controller to you if you buy me a Hosehead UNO. They're $365...
  5. OldRalHoleBrewing

    Wanted: Sour beer lovers to taste a sour mash beer

    I want some true sour beer lovers to taste my Sour Cherry Crick. So if you'd like to taste this Sour Mash, Oak-fermented Cherry wheat ale, (imitation Kriek), I'm open to trades for other homebrews or craft brews. Anyone interested either contact me on here or email at [email protected]...