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  1. B

    Tennessee All Brewing Items for Sale (Robobrew, kegs, CO2, Perlick taps, and more)

    Hi all, I left the hobby a few years ago now and need to part with all my stuff. I'm in Memphis and not shipping anything, but will drive to meet within 150-200 miles if you're buying enough that it's worth it. I'd prefer to sell it all at once, but I know that's probably unrealistic...
  2. E

    For Sale SF Bay Area - Keezer loaded with extras for sale!

    I'm no longer brewing enough to keep my keezer full. This is a 7 cu ft freezer which can hold plenty of beer and CO2 equipment. All included 1. Configuration #1 = two 5-gallon kegs and one 2.5gal keg along with 10 lb CO2 tank 2. Configuration #2 (as shown in pictures) = five 2.5gal Torpedo kegs...
  3. jordanpace

    For Sale Torpedo Ball Lock Keg - 15 gal. $100 - DFW/North East Texas

    I have 14 of the Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs for sale. These normally sell for ~$240 each, and I'm selling them for $100 each. These were all purchased 18 months ago, and have been properly maintained. These are local pickup only. Located in Commerce, Texas PM me for more details.
  4. A

    Sold Custom Keezer/Kegerator - Northeast Ohio

    For sale - $1,000 keezer I made. Stained cedar On casters 4 Perlick Taps, expandable to 6 I have new liquid tubes and fittings included Includes 2 ball lock corns and a steel CO2 tank Includes one commercial keg post I have two 2.5 torpedos I can add for $45 ea
  5. snarf7

    Filling Torpedo keg for fridge from 5 gal kegs

    OK here's the scenario. No space for a kegerator in the house, so I want to be able to have a small 1.5 gal keg that we keep in our main fridge that will stay carbed up but is compact enough to be wife friendly. Those little torpedo kegs from morebeer look like they are a good option for this...
  6. BrewGinner

    Kegland Series 4 Kegerator and Stackable Torpedo Kegs

    Question that I can't seen to find the answer to. Has anyone with the Kegland Series 4 Kegerator tried to stack two of the 2 1/2 gallon torpedo kegs, either the normal or slimline? I've done the math based upon the dimensions, and it seems like it could work, but may be a very tight fit. Just...