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  1. Washington_Brewologist

    Brewing a robust porter and need some advise on kettle top up water...BIAB

    According to beersmith, for the 13.81 Lbs of grain I need for my recipe, I would need 10.13 gallons of available space in my Kettle/Mashtun. I'm currently brewing with a 10-gallon kettle so I know that something needs to be adjusted. Also should mention that this is the first recipe I'm doing...
  2. Ring Many

    What should I use to top-up my demijohn for Plum wine?

    Hi everyone, I've been making some plum wine, but there isn't enough of the wine to fill my demijohns: I don't have a smaller container to put these in. I'd estimate I need around 600-700ml to full these 2 demijohns. .Left demijohn is 1.9 litre, right is 5 litre. I've been reading about...