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  1. B

    German vocabulary question

    Hallo! I was in brewing class today and my professor mentioned top cropping the yeast. I use to remember a fair bit of German brewing terms but I can’t remember what the word for it was. Of course it was a string of words put together. I remember the direct translation being something like...
  2. beervoid

    Overbuilding yeast starters vs top cropping

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what would be a better way to reuse yeast. Right now i'm overbuilding starters but I'm growing tired of making the yeast starters and DME is quiet pricey. Just wondering if top cropping will give me similar results and which method would be giving me better...
  3. flars

    Top cropping with blow off tube

    Brewing NB's Bavarian Hefeweizen with WY 3068. Needed to install a blow off assembly even though I'm using the big fermentor. Late the second night after pitching there was pure yeast being pushed through the S-style air lock. I like to harvest so I thought why not harvest this yeast. Installed...
  4. L

    Krausen doesn't look yeasty for top cropping

    Hi all, As the title says I'm hoping to try top cropping yeast for the first time but it doesn't look yeasty like pictures/videos I've seen or past beers I've brewed. It looks more like general beer head, have I missed my opportunity or is there still hope? The yeast is Wlp500 which had a...
  5. L

    Is this started contaminated?

    Hello everyone, For the first time I top cropped yeast, and decided to make a started before putting the yeast in the fridge. As I still don't have a stirplate, I was frequently swirling the erlenmeyer. Fermentation was quick and great, but when I woke up (meaning didn't swirl it for lile...