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  1. Stace

    Length of fermentation--mead

    I'm curious... what's the longest you've had a Mead continue in fermentation (total time primary and secondary)?
  2. Bart Taylor

    Top three effort and time improvements to your Biab setup

    I'm looking to reduce effort and time of my brewing process so I'm hoping to get input from folks on the top 3 items (more or less) that decreased effort and time in their brew process. I've reviewed lots of setups but I'd like to get perspective on the improvements/items you feel reduced your...
  3. Michael L Collins

    Adding bentonite after first fermentation

    I started a new project about a week ago, my first time using whole fruit. I’ll put a list of ingredients below. It’s a Peach and Strawberry wine. I used frozen peaches and strawberries from a grocery store (Giant Eagle) in a two-gallon bucket with a crushed Campden tablet, pectic enzymes...
  4. beervoid

    Sudden strange efficiency issue

    Hello everyone. I've been brewing on a grainfather type machine for about 2 years. Efficiency has been all over the place and just when I thought I had it down I run into this low efficiency again. I currently have 2 similar machines and did 2 batches on the same day. I usually mash for around...
  5. I

    Decreasing brewing time by skipping grain steeping

    For all grain brewing, I saw many tutorials which steep the grains in water at less that 100C temperature for some time. They then separate out the liquid which is then boiled with some hops for some time again. Are there any disadvantages to directly boiling the grains (instead of steeping)...
  6. N

    A framework for transforming an arbitrary mash-schedule to an equivalent isothermal mash

    When I started brewing, I was pretty confused regarding all the different mashing schedules I found in different recipes regarding time, steps and temperatures. In the process of learning more, I ended up trying to make a framework where one can compare different mashing schedules against an...
  7. R

    How long before Pediococcus starts souring

    Hi all, We had long time plans to do a sour. So recently (14-1-2018) we set out to do a graded souring. We brewed a saison which we fermented with WLP566 (Belgain Saison II). After two weeks (28-1), when airlock activity and gravity readings came to an arrest, we pitched in a package of Wyeast...
  8. A

    Long IPA fermentation

    Hi all. I am fairly new to brewing. I have made a little over 10 5 gallon batches, both extract and BIAB. I am currently brewing my first IPA, which is the Grapefruit Pulpin extract kit (either from Midwest or Northern). I have a question about active fermentation. I closely monitor...
  9. B

    2 Fermentation Vessels, 1 Batch

    I brewed a 10 gallon batch and poured it into 2 separate BrewBuckets for fermentation. I made a 4L yeast starter and poured half into each BrewBucket. After a couple of days, the airlock on BrewBucket #1 is bubbling like crazy (Hooray! Beer!), but the airlock on BrewBucket #2 hasn't bubbled once...
  10. M

    Yeast taste if left too long?

    I am a new brewer and decided to jump all in. I added 2 prehopped cans of Pils & 1 cup of dex to grow on for 5gal batch. I racked to primary this morning with a plan of having it there for 1 week then into the secondary for 4 to 5. I just got a call from work and i am to leave for Georgia...
  11. kansasbrew

    help with recipe time formulas

    When I read recipes on the site I see that people will say 30 minutes this hops or 5 minutes this additive. I'm not sure whether this means five minutes from the start or from the end. I there a normative way to understand what is meant?
  12. M

    Chimay Tripel Clone - first fermentation

    How do I know when to transfer my Chimay Tripel clone into the carboy for second fermentation? It's been 4 days & it's extremely active at 80 degrees F. Also, what's good recomended temps & time periods for second ferment & bottling?
  13. oneawesomeguy

    How Long Does It Stay Fresh?

    Hey HBT! I have been thinking of buying ingredients in bulk so I can make beer whenever I want instead of needing to go to the LHBS or waiting a week to get my order from AHS. Cost is another benefit as buying in bulk tends to be a lot cheaper. I am curious to know what is the typical amount...