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  1. Harleybrew32

    Tiltpi losing connection

    I have been using a tiltpi now for almost a year now. the last couple of brews it stops posting to google sheets after a few days and i have to restart my router and the tiltpi. if i just restart the pi it still will not post, my router shows the pi in connected devices. but i cant ping it...
  2. M

    TiltPI and CraftbeerBI3 in the same raspberrypi

    Hi Guys, Hope you're all fine. I am noob in raspberry. However, I already could setup a craftbeerpi and/or Tiltpi in my raspberry (3+) independently. What I am trying to do is to run both (craftbeer and tilt) in the same raspberry. Any of you did this? Here what I got so far, please let me...