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  1. B

    Silicone oil in thermowell

    Hello all, I have a long thermowell I will use with an Ink bird ITC-308 probe. There is some play between the probe and the thermowell wall and I was looking at thermal paste to help the probe better read the temperature. Because the thermowell is long I am not able to use the applicator that...
  2. B

    Germ Chamber Temp Control

    Hello all, New to home brewing here and just finished making my first batch with from an extract kit and put it into my fermentation chamber in a plastic bucket, which is a chest freezer and ferm wrap plugged into the WiFi Inkbird 308. I drilled out and installed a Thermowell in the center of...
  3. N

    Big mouth bubbler depth charge and thermowell modification

    Hello all, recently bought the big mouth bubbler with the thermowell to track fermentation and keep it warm. I’d also like to use the depth charge to dry hop in. Frustratingly the depth charge doesn’t have a stopper hole to let you slip a thermowell into. Has anyone modified the depth charge...
  4. S

    Trying to find a ThermoWell for a Grainfather connect controller

    I have a grainfather connect brain but since I don’t have the full grainfather rig I dangle the probe into my mash. The probe seems to be pretty large but I was wondering if anyone knows a link to a weldless thermo well that would actually fit the GFC probe. The replacement GFC temperature probe...
  5. sounddoc

    Fermzilla and a thermowell

    Long shot here, but has anyone made a DIY thermowell for the Fermzilla that's able to be used under pressure? As temps are getting lower here in Maine, I'm not able to rely on my steady 68F in the brewing chamber (AKA the bathroom). I know Kegland sells one, but as far as I can tell they don't...
  6. HITCB

    More Beer Temp and Float

    Wrapping up my home brewery build and getting rid of some items I no longer need. All items are new and unused. More Beer Temp & Float. Building a temp controller using craftbeer pi so that I can monitor temps via my server. $150 shipped...
  7. serum67

    March Pumps, Temp Controllers + More

    Hello All, Please see the items at the link below with prices. Shipping will be USPS Flat Rate. Items: - 1x Chugger Pump w/ Stainless Head - 1x March Pump - Cam Locks - Various Auber Temp Controllers - Johnson Controls A419 - 2x 23 tip jet burners
  8. goodolarchie

    Thermowell setup for traditional carboy that lasts more than one fermentation

    I thought I was slick with my modified 6 gal carboy orange cap with a thermowell stolen from a stopper setup for a budget version of this thing after taking advice from the board, but damn I was wrong. The orange cap worked great for one 7-day primary. The next time I used it, I thought I...
  9. Burndog

    Thermowell / Inkbird 308 how to?

    Seting up my Spike conical and wondering if anyone has comments on how to control temps during fermentation. I’m thinking the manual temp gauge is removed and the digital sensor is inserted into the thermowell. Do I need to then pack the opening with some type of putty to isolate the sensor...