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  1. tcarcieri

    ZCK-163 kegerator thermostat

    Good morning, First and foremost, hope everyone and their family/friends are doing well. My kegerator issues this very annoying and unstoppable tone once it hits about 45-50 degrees. I bought an Inkbird controller thinking I could bypass the digital thermostat but that didn't work. What I...
  2. Denny G

    Have a Question

    Hello all I'm new to Homebrew and need some help and not sure where to ask my question. I was searching on the web to find out how to make the adjustment to the thermostat on my Nostaigia KRS2100. As it has been running for 4 days with a 1/4 keg and the temperature only gets in the low 40's...
  3. L

    Frosty keg kegerator won't go above 10 degrees F.

    I have had the great northern frosty keg kegerator for several years. After moving the temp sensor initially to get colder beer it has been dead on balls accurate for many moons. All of a sudden "bam" frozen keg. It had a WPF 14B L-1 (made in china) thermostat. I couldn't find one anywhere so I...