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  1. K

    Keep It Up - Getting Consistent Results by Calibrating Your Brew House

    It is important for any brewer who wishes to get the most consistent results possible to keep his or her brew house calibrated. Knowing your measurements and calculations are accurate will allow you to better predict the way your final product will turn out. So what are some things you should...
  2. G

    Thermometers What's best for Brewing and How to Calibrate!

    One of the important items often overlooked in brewing is the simple thermometer. Most dial indicator and electronic thermometers have a means to adjust them if they are calibrated incorrectly at the factory or are knocked out of alignment, but many times people leave it to chance that the...
  3. FenoMeno

    Thermometer suggestions for Minibrew 15

    I bought a minibrew conical fermenter and looking to add the thermometer. Any suggestions on brand and length of probe in inches? I have had some cheaper ones in the past on other items and was always disappointed... Also, some of the seemingly quality ones I find on sites have a scale...
  4. B

    Broken floating thermometer in wort- Lead? Steel?

    Broke a floating thermometer in the wort. Glass is not the issue since I'm certain it will settle out and wort can be syphoned off. I can't find any info on the metal that is used to weight these and if it is harmful. There was some scorching on the bottom of the kettle we initially thought was...