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    The Brewmasters: Brett Ratcliff - Roseville Brewing Company

    Well fellow HBTers, I have had the pleasure of interviewing Brett Ratcliff from Roseville Brewing Company in Roseville, CA. Brett is THE brewer at "RBC" as well as the Vice President of Brewing Operations. I lived right around the corner from RBC for a year and I can say from personal experience...
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    The Brewmasters: Steven Dresler - Sierra Nevada

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is America's prototypical pale ale, the BJCP's first example of the style, and a beer that Steven Dresler has been brewing for thirty years. Steven is the brewmaster of Sierra Nevada. He's been there nearly since its inception, one of their first employees, moving from...
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    The Brewmasters: Peter Bouckaert - New Belgium

    New Belgium opened its doors and America's eyes in 1991. This Fort Collins based brewer was one of the greatest influences on what we would all come to understand as the Craft Beer revolution, but as with all great things, it would take time and energy to get them to where they are at today...