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  1. C

    Microbiology Course for Brewers!!!

    Registration is open for Microbiology for Brewers at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. For more information visit our website or to register now click here!
  2. Pan_Kotsky

    Is my regulator leaking?

    Recently I got an Air Liquide Blueshield Series 45 Oxygen regulator at a garage sale for $10. I decided to retire it for my CO2 system. I had the inlet nipple replaced. I used Teflon tape and pipe dope to seal all the threads and soap test showed no leaks. However I did the following test which...
  3. C

    Trust me I'm a chemist.

    Guys and Gals, My name is Cory, I am a TTB certified chemist in Michigan and wanted to jump in here to let people know that I'm available as a resource for all your testing needs, if so required. I can test anything from ABV on beer, wine, or distilled spirits, to Hops (alpha, beta...