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  1. B

    Water Test Results

    Hi, I had my water tested. I brew on a H.E.R.M.S system. Should I be adding anything to my current water profile? The beer I make seems fine but am I missing something? Any input is appreciated. Thanks. Water Test Results pH 7.4 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est, ppm 154 Electrical...
  2. MaxTheSpy

    First Batch Of 2019

    I started 3 batches a month apart so that I could have a constant list of things to do rather than doing a lot all at once. My blueberry and blackberry mead was ready for tasting and I'm very happy to report that it is quite good. Below is part of the post I made on my website. If you want to...
  3. Titan88

    Steam Beer-style Fermentation in Flat Pans

    I was looking at experimenting with fermentation techniques, and I began wondering about fermenting in flat, open (kind of) containers. Anchor Brewing Co. successfully ferments their Anchor Steam beer this way. So, it got me wondering: Has anyone here tried fermenting beer in flat, stainless...
  4. micraftbeer

    LaMotte Water Test Kit Hands on Trial

    I recently did a hands-on trial of the LaMotte BrewLab Plus water test kit. I was skeptical going into it with all the "chemistry stuff" involved with test tubes and droplets of solution A and solution B. But I was surprised how it was actually kind of fun, and the distinct color changes as...
  5. martinirish


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