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  1. zhooker

    Test Batch w/ Fruit + Store-Bought Beer

    Brewing a saison in a few days, to which I'd like to add some Japanese apricot syrup in secondary. This fruit itself is exceptionally tart, so usually it is mixed 50/50 by weight with a sweetener such as brown sugar, left to macerate/ferment/stew, with the resultant syrup then pasteurized and...
  2. sharpie44

    Trying Juniper, blackberry and two orange test batches.

    I haven't made mead in about ten years but I had a lot of honey left over this year from my bee hives and decided to make four one gallon test batches to see if i wanted to make more next year. All of these used Lalvin D47 yeast, yeast nutrient, yeast energizer and enough water to get up to 1...