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  1. C

    Lets get real about dry hopping

    First off, hey fellow homebrewers. I'm asking this question because I've been pondering it for years. I have been brewing more then 12 years, all grain, love everything about it. Batch per week average. My favorite beers have recently become NE IPAs, no surprise. I had a chance to drink many of...
  2. F

    NEIPA hops: Pellets VS Whole?

    Hi! When you guys brew NEIPA, do you use pellets or whole cones? If you want, you can specify "why" :)
  3. kansasbrew

    Is my capper already broken

    I purchased a capper at my LHBS and got it home. It worked great for the first 20 bottles or so, and then suddenly started slipping and bending caps. I was able to finish, but had to concentrate intently to make every thing was lined up perfect and the pressure was evenly distributed on both...