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  1. C

    Studying for the BJCP Exam

    So you want to become a beer judge? Good for you! Not only will you be helping yourself by expanding your knowledge of beer, brewing and sensory evaluation but you’ll be helping others improve their brewing as well. An admirable goal! But how do you go about becoming a beer judge? You must first...
  2. D

    Be a Better Brewer: Get SMaSH'd On Brew Day

    There’s an easy and delicious way to improve your beer creation skills. Just get "SMaSH’d" on brew day. Not smashed as in “drink a beer make a beer,” but SMaSH’d as in brewing Single Malt and Single Hop beers. Brewing SMaSH beers dials you directly in to the abundantly flavorful and educational...
  3. L

    Beer Sensations: What's in Your Beer, Beyond Flavor?

    Are you constantly on the hunt for the holy grail of beers? There is nothing like the euphoria of tasting an absolutely fabulous brew. But have you paused to think about the exciting sensations that beer offers . . . beyond flavor? When beer's non-flavor sensations - astringency, body...
  4. L

    Tasting Beer: A Primer To Share With Your Wine-Loving Friends

    It was a kick putting together this video to share knowledge about tasting beer at the 101 level. You will find information here about appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel and character. For those of us who grew up with wine, discovering the complexity and depth of craft beer is akin to entering...
  5. B

    Should New Breweries Have A Dump Fund?

    Should new breweries have a "Dump Fund?" It's becoming more and more common... Whether I'm out trying a new brewery in my town or while I'm traveling... I get excited for the experience, order a pint of whatever sounds good, and take a sip. My brow furrows and my lips make a disapproving...
  6. OnePlate

    Foods That Ruin Your Palate for Beer

    I made the mistake of eating some homemade vanilla ice cream last night before I drank a bottle of my rye ale that normally has boatloads of flavor. All I could taste was bitter water... a hard lesson learned. What are some other foods that totally ruin your beer drinking experience?
  7. MaxTheSpy

    First Batch Of 2019

    I started 3 batches a month apart so that I could have a constant list of things to do rather than doing a lot all at once. My blueberry and blackberry mead was ready for tasting and I'm very happy to report that it is quite good. Below is part of the post I made on my website. If you want to...