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  1. J

    The more I Home Brew the more I ...

    I like to purchase a lot of different styles of beer to see what other commercial and craft brewers are doing. The more beer I sample the more I like the taste of my own home brew. Not that I am a master brewer. I think it comes down to being able to customize my recipes to my own liking...
  2. I

    Beer sometimes tastes and looks different

    Hi I have made a Coopers Lager kit and it has been bottled for over 8 weeks or so now. Sometimes the beer is perfect from this batch and has a very good head (lasting over 10 or so minutes) and not loads of fizz and doesn't taste yeasty. But most of the time there is a lot of fizz, fizzy head...
  3. I

    No foam after 3 weeks in bottle

    Hi, new brewer here I have been making the australian lager from the coopers brew kit and followed eveverything by the letter. Final gravity worked out perfectly etc. I have tightly screwed caps when bottling and left them for 3 weeks in complete darkness in the recommended temperature...
  4. S

    Help to identify an issue

    Hello, honorable brewers :) I'm new here, and it could be great to have your help. Have 3 brewing sessions at the moment using hand-made stainless steel equipment. My issue is 2 brews with pale malt are both bad :( 1st brew has too much yeast (1 pack per 8 litres), and that's why it has...
  5. C

    combining lactic phosphoric acid mix

    i am just getting into water chemistry - as i have always tended to brew darker beers and it was only when i had less success with lighter brews that I realised I needed to do more. I have very high bicarbonate levels ~347ppm and total alkalinity of 285. Using the brun'water calculator, adding...
  6. J

    I have a question.

    Hello all. First thread, but I’ve been lurking for a while. Barely started making mead, about 3 months, loosely following recipes and experimenting, it’s been good fun. Now I have a question. I’m revisiting my first recipe, a spiced apple mead (Cyser?), with new knowledge and proper...
  7. snarf7

    Mid and late hop additions - how much flavor vs bitterness?

    OK, so I've had good success using high AA hop choices @ 60mins (Summit, Magnum, Simocoe) and then saving my more typical flavor hops for late in the boil or after flameout (Citra, Cascade, Wilamette, etc) but is there any science to this? Like how much flavor am I getting @ 30min? 20min? 10min...
  8. H

    Help regarding hop residue for NEPIA style (Taste like hop tea)

    Hello! I have brewed maybe 20 batches total but recently gotting into the hop heavy NEIPA style. My first try was a 12 litres batch where i used 320g hops (dry hop included), only 50g at flameout and rest below 70C. I double dryhopped, half at high krausen for bio transformation and rest for 3...
  9. A

    Using Filters to Clear the Brew?

    It happens that my wife has a wine filter system similar to Buono as part of her disused winemaking gear. My questions are how much do the filters affect the taste of the beer and how do the numbers correspond to the rate of filtration?
  10. olie

    LME vs DME -- taste difference?

    This question is not about what can be done or what's "good enough" or what some people's preferences are or what experimentation is encouraged. This question is about, if I were to run the experiment, what would my expected results be in terms of difference in taste. The Question: Other than...
  11. R

    yeast and taste over time.

    good morning all, I've been thinking the past couple days of doing an experiment to see if the amount of time a yeast takes to ferment a batch of mead effects the taste. so if I add more yeast at the beginning to boost yeast numbers and hopefully ferment quicker compared to using just one pack...
  12. T

    Expired Yeast Taste & Smell

    I've seen multiple posts that expired yeast can still be good past its expiration date, but not too many on how the yeast should taste and smell. What should healthy yeast smell and taste like, and how to know if its gone bad? I have 2 packages of the white labs purepitch yeast, packaged mar...
  13. T

    Weird taste to my second batch

    Hey all! I am new to the kombucha scene, and I made my first batch successfully, however I seem to have messed something up on my second. After a 3-4 days, the batch was not ready, but after tasting it every so often, it didn't seem to taste very good. It's been about a week and my batch smells...
  14. mr_stout

    The Price of Craft Beer

    I one time bought a 12 ounce bottle of beer for $2 dollars US and another 12 ounce bottle for $6 US. My question is why didn't the $6 dollar bottle of beer taste 3x better????? Sad to say that the $2 dollar bottle of beer tasted better. I have seen 12 ounce bottles selling for $12 dollars but...
  15. jjones17

    Northern English Brown - Tastes 'Tangy'?

    Howdy all! I am just wondering if anyone else gets a 'Tangy' taste from this style of beer... I have a feeling this is from the Chocolate Malt, as my process is down pretty good and my sanitation has been spot on. When I use chocolate malt in a porter or a stout, I do not get that at all though...
  16. smatson

    Plastic Buckets OK?

    Q: I have used food grade plastic buckets in my home brewing adventures in the past (for fermenting and bottling). However, does anybody know if it is ok to use a normal 5 gallon plastic bucket in brewing? I will be using it for sparging. In other words, I will be filling the plastic bucket with...