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  1. eugles

    Dumped last 6 batches of beer - Infected?

    My last 6 beers have been dumpers. I'm freakin bummed, but the bushes in my yard seem to be flourishing. A few months back I noticed a weird muddled sour-ish/tart taste in my fermenter sample. The beer was somewhat tart and not the neipa it was supposed to be. I brewed again and the same thing...
  2. D

    Fixing a very tart cider?

    We made a few batches of cider at the beginning of september, that are tasting extremely tart. Like bite into a lemon tart. A friend suggested calcium carbonate to mellow them out a bit. We tried it on a few test bottles and it helped a little bit. But they are still extremely "sour apple"...
  3. LoneTreeFarms

    Apple-Cherry wine questions

    Hi all, new to the site and to the exciting world of wine making. My neighbor and I recently started our first batch, a 6 gallon batch of Old Orchard apple cherry wine. I followed the recipe on jack keller's website. Tonight we did our first racking from the primary fermenter to the secondary...